Top 10 Most Addictive Online Games

February 16, 2023

Every year many new games are released. While some of them fade away with time, some others gain wide popularity, increasing their fan base with every passing year. The games that one can’t stop playing are considered to be addictive and they offer suspense, thrill, and fun. Excellent developer support is the key to these games. Here are the most popular addictive online games. With competition being doubled in the gaming industry, most developers are trying to put in features to improve the quality and gaming experience to attract more players.

  • World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMOs around the world. It is one of the most played online games in the world and has been in the industry for more than 15 years, offering content updates over seven expansion packs.

  • Fortnite

Fortnite is another popular addictive online game that gained its fan base overnight. Gamers loved the new game extremely with its excellent settings, gameplay, and loot boxes. Fortnite has more than 100 million players.

  • Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is another addictive online game with an enhanced gaming experience and high-quality life up[dates. These offer an interesting experience for both new and old players. The game was developed by Yoshi-P and his team.

  • DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a highly complicated game and is very addictive. It features more than a hundred heroes displaying unique abilities and there are numerous items along with creative methods that can be used to achieve your goal to destroy the team of the enemy.

  • Call of Duty(COD)

Call of Duty(COD) is highly addictive and violent. The game offers vast engagement levels and tries to bring out some traits of our ancestor hunters. Gamers who are first-person shooters are the most exciting and addictive.

  • League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most addictive games for PC audiences. The engaging content of the game attracts people to the game. The game requires game knowledge, great skill, and excellent teamwork to snatch victory.

  • Hearthstone

Hearthstone has the power to glue the players to the screen for a long time. Even though the competitive landscape of the game is known to be boring, it has many modes to engage the players. The single-player experience of Hearthstone is notable.

  • CS: GO

Counterstrike: Global Offensive game is also a popular online addictive game. The game dominates the gaming industry in the genre of first-person shooter games. The competitive mode of the game is highly popular.

  • Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege was known to be a boring game that offered the least engagement. However, with constant updates, this game has elevated its quality. The new reveals of the game have been highly engaging, attracting players back to the game.

  • Destiny 2

Destiny 2 comes with many updates to the original version. Along with the existing features, many new features are added to enhance the playing experience. The 3v3 PVP mode is a notable feature of this game.