What is FunGoPlay?

FunGoPlay is a fun online sports theme park that offers single and multi-player games, limitless customization options, unforgettable original characters and storytelling in a safe community for kids.

What makes FunGoPlay truly unique is a real world connection to active play through FGP Sports Gear&#151a line of connected sporting goods that reward kids in the virtual world for their offline, active play in the real world, encouraging healthy lifestyles.


How does it work?

Your child creates a player&#151a FunGoPlayer—to explore the world of FunGoPlay, interact with the FunGoPlay All-Star characters, and play single and multi-player games. Your child will also be able to participate in online tournaments, go on quests, and with your permission, chat in a safe environment with other FunGoPlayers.

FunGoPlayers are rewarded with GoDough, FunGoPlay's in-world currency, which can be used to customize their FunGoPlay experience, GoPoints, virtual trophies, medals and Power Ups, which help them succeed in FunGoPlay games.



Every FGP Sports Gear product contains electronics that track the number of interactions and duration of a play period. This information is then used to unlock Level Codes, which are displayed on the LCD screen of the Flying Disk or Soccer Ball. These Level Codes can then be entered into FunGoPlay to unlock points, Power Ups and exclusive customization options in the virtual world. Before playing for the first time, you must activate your FGP SPORTS GEAR by logging in to FunGoPlay.com and entering your sports gear serial number into your online Stat Book.

Click here to learn more about FGP Sports Gear.


How does FGP SPORTS GEAR work?

To activate your FGP SPORTS GEAR, you must login to FunGoPlay.com and click on "Stat Book". Enter your sports gear serial number to register your Sports Gear. Every time your child interacts with the soccer ball or flying disk, a new Level Code will be on the display screen. Your child will need to login and enter that code in Stat Book.

Watch our step-by-step video on how to register and use your FGP Sports Gear.


Who is FunGoPlay for?

FunGoPlay is fun and entertaining for 6-11 year-olds, but older kids may enjoy it as well.


Is it safe?

FunGoPlay is committed to creating a safe online environment for children. Members can and should report anything that they see that is not appropriate or makes them uncomfortable. FunGoPlay has partnered with industry-leading online safety experts Metaverse Mod Squad, who are actively observing and moderating chat and other activities in FunGoPlay, and will respond to any player or parent concerns. Players who do not follow our guidelines, or engage in unsportsmanlike conduct will not be allowed to participate in FunGoPlay.

Explain to your child that he or she should NEVER reveal personal information. This includes real names, phone numbers, addresses, emails or passwords.

Click here for 16 Online Safety Tips for Parents.


How much does it cost to play?

FunGoPlay is free to play for all players, but only members can access all levels of all games and purchase Members Only items in the Score Store. All members receive a large "signing bonus" of GoDough, which will enable them to customize their avatar and Locker Room or Clubhouse. Memberships are currently priced as follows: $6.95 for one month; $18.95 for three months; $59.95 for one year.

Members and non-members alike can purchase FGP Sports Gear separately. Playing with FGP Sports Gear in the real world unlocks codes FunGoPlayers can input online for more points, Power Ups and GoDough.

To learn more about FunGoPlay membership, click here.


How do I enable chat for my child?

Your child's chat setting is disabled when they sign up as a FunGoPlay user. If you would like to change this setting and enable safe chat, you may do so by clicking the link included in the registration confirmation email, or, if your child is logged into FunGoPlay, by clicking the link under the Account tab in Stat Book.

All chat in FunGoPlay is moderated by a team of highly trained community professionals to ensure your child's safety.


What are the benefits of FunGoPlay?

FunGoPlay encourages physical activity and outdoor, active play in a time of rising rates of childhood obesity. By promoting active play and engaging kids to participate in the world of sports, we are trying to do our part to make sure that this generation of kids grows up healthy and happy. With FGP SPORTS GEAR, FunGoPlayers are rewarded for their active play with enhanced online experiences, including special PowerUps for their avatar, exclusive awards, and unlockable levels of game play online in the FunGoPlay world. By combining kids' two favorite activities&#151digital entertainment and real-world, active play&#151FunGoPlay provides a unique balance of online and offline play.


Where do I go for help?

If you need help with your account or FGP SPORTS GEAR, please visit our help page or contact Customer Support at [email protected].