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Thread: NEW UPDATES! Stadium, halloween costumes, Dogzilla and more!

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    NEW UPDATES! Stadium, halloween costumes, Dogzilla and more!

    As some of you know we have made some major updates to FunGoPlay. While we are focused on getting ready for our Halloween Party this Saturday, I wanted to share some details of the updates with you.

    SKAGURSKI STADIUM - Our brand new football area!!! Check out Riff Antares and Tonga Taapupu hanging around, along with a ton of game entrances. We're going to continue building this area with more games, sounds and animations.

    DOGZILLA - We just launched a brand new single player game and it may be our best yet! You can play Dogzilla in Chowtown or Skagurski. Check it out!

    HALLOWEEN ITEMS - The Score Store is now FLOODED with Halloween costumes for you to choose from. These may not be around forever so get 'em while you can!

    MEDALS - You can now earn medals in multiplayer games!

    FGP SPORTS GEAR REWARDS - There are a bunch of new rewards for using your FGP Sports Gear including more GoDough!

    AND LOTS MORE! What do you think?

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    Totally took advantage of these Halloween costumes...so rad!!! I think it would be so cool to see everyone in FunGoPlay dressed up on Halloween, who else is down?

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