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Sporting goods that turn

real-world play

into online rewards!

Electronic sensors register

physical activity that

generate codes kids enter


to unlock great

online rewards!

For a limited time,

FGP Sports Gear is being

offered at a low introductory

price - to purchase yours,

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The FunGoPlay Sports Gear

soccer ball is the first in a line

of products, designed to help

fight childhood obesity, that

turn kids' physical activity

into online rewards!

We're developing a new

product line called

FunGoPlay Fit Gear

that will

track ALL of your child's daily

physical activity! Whether

playing sports, doing chores,

or walking to the bus stop,

FGP Fit Gear will unlock

great online rewards!

The more your child plays,

the more they earn on


Stay tuned for more

FGP Fit Gear news soon!


Get a soccer Ball at a low introductory price and start getting active.*

* Available in the US only