2012 Party In SoSo Stadium - FGP Sports Gear Giveaway

Let’s welcome to 2012 with a party!

When: Saturday (January 7th)
What Time:  1pm Eastern 
Where: SoSo Stadium

Why Should You Go? Because if you come to the party, we’ll hook you up with a FREE MEMBERSHIP and a FREE FGP SPORTS GEAR SOCCER BALL that lets you earn lots of Go Dough (and Power Ups) when you play with it and Level Up. Awwwwww yeah!

Just come by, say hello, and we’ll email your parents to get the info we need to hook it up. We’ll be hanging out, getting our dance on and playing some of the awesome games in SoSo Stadium.

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, we’ll see you there!

[Please note: FunGoPlay currently only ships to US FunGoPlayers. International guests will still receive a free membership!]

What do you want to see in 2012?

Happy New Year FunGoPlayers and FunGoParents! 2011 has been an amazing year as we were finally able to share the world we’ve worked so hard on with you to play in.


A lot has been improved since we launched last summer, and 2012 isn’t going to be any different. We’ll be throwing more in-world events like dance parties, tournaments and get togethers. Plus, there’s a lot more content down the line.


We invite you to participate in making FunGoPlay the coolest place to hang by telling us what you’d like to see this year!

Flashback Friday - Knute Rockne

We’re happy to present our last Flashback Friday post of 2011. Hope you’ve all had a great year so far enjoying the games, friends and fun facts of FunGoPlay!


Today we look back on Knute Rockne, one of the greatest coaches in college football history. Aside from having an AWESOME name, Rockne is known for making the forward pass popular.


Yes, if you can believe it, back in the day the game of football was all about smashmouth running games! This was back in the day when running backs like Red Grange were the kings of the game.


As coach of the school, he led Notre Dame in a 35-13 crushing of heavily favored Army thanks to an unsuspecting torrent of forward passes.


Knute Rockne finished his 13-year coaching career with Notre Dame with 105 victories, 12 losses, five ties and three national championships, including five undefeated seasons without a tie.


Whoa! What a guy!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this Flashback Friday. We can’t wait to see you in 2012 and hope you have a very happy New Year!

Which NBA player are you watching closely this year?

Despite our worries, the NBA season has finally kicked off and we’re into the first two games of the year. We’ve seen a clash of the titans (Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat) and the debut of college hero Jimmer Fredette. It’s a long season, and a lot can happen.

We wanted to see who you were most looking forward to this year. We’ve listed Lebron James, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant.

Don’t care about any of the superstars? Tell us who you’re watching this year in the comments below!

Holiday Update on FunGoPlay - Clothes, decorations and a new game!

Happy Holidays!

We’re proud to announce a new update to FunGoPlay with lots of cool new stuff! We mentioned before that we’d be adding some awesome holiday clothes to the Score Store, and we added some Clubhouse items too!

We’ve got everything from Christmas trees to Menorahs for Hanukkah. Some are clickable with special effects!!!

And perhaps the moment you’ve all been waiting for, we released a BRAND NEW GAME in Skagurski Stadium. You might want to check it out.

Don’t forget we’re having a Holiday Party tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm Eastern Time at HoopGood Hall. See you there!

New clothes and a holiday party next Wednesday!

Deck your avatar with awe-some cloooothes, fa la la la, la la la!

It’s the holiday season, friends. And that can only mean one thing - CELEBRATIONS! Next Wednesday, December 21st we’re throwing a special holiday party.

Moe Hawk has invited us to the dance club in front of HoopGood Hall at 7pm Eastern time.

A sneak peek at some upcoming holiday items!

We’ll be releasing some new holiday clothes just for the event, and if you wear some holiday threads to the party Moe will hook you up with some GoDough! One lucky person will even win a free membership!

These holiday threads are for everyone, and we’ll be making an announcement when they’re out. Mark next Wednesday on your calendar for an evening of holiday awesomeness.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? (“No school” doesn’t count, silly)

Mystery Player Contest - Comeback Kid edition

It was a good weekend of NFL football! Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning were in the spotlight for their wins, but no one received more attention that this week’s MYSTERY PLAYER!

Below we’ve posted a few clues about this person’s identity. Comment on this post with who you think it is and be sure to include your GoName. Correct answers will win GoDough and one lucky person will win a FREE MEMBERSHIP!


  • Star quarterback at Florida who played under Urban Meyer and led the team to a second national championship in three years.
  • Heisman trophy winner
  • Selected first round in the NFL draft
  • Has had a rough start in the NFL, with many still questioning his ability to be a big time quarterback. However, six straight wins this season have some changing their minds.

Let us know who you think this player is! And if you’re looking for some more football fun, log in to FunGoPlay and head over to Skagurski Stadium for awesome football minigames!

New Update! Daily Challenges, New Threads and Arcade Games

As you may have heard, we just made some SLAMMIN’ updates to FunGoPlay! When you first log in, you’ll notice new Daily Challenges. Every day you can complete a new challenge to unlock rewards. We’ve also added some new stuff to the Score Store for your avatar.

For those of you with Clubhouses, we’ve got an extra special treat for you. Brand new GAMES to go in your Clubhouse, inspired by the arcade hits of yesteryear. You can buy these in the Score Store and then place in your Game Room for you and your friends.

In Gnome Mad you are a Gnome, defending your garden from relentless Centipedes and other villainous bugs with magical Gnome Blaster powers!

Pearl the Squirrel has you dodging traffic and leaping across logs to get to your tree home. Pick up some nuts for extra points

Infield Invasion - You play as Fireball Finnegan, armed only with her legendary pitching arm, defending FunGoPlay from an advancing army of football invaders!

Log in now to get started on the Daily Challenge. Then, pick up some new threads and new arcade games for your Clubhouse!

Find the Mod and win GoDough!

Brrrr… it’s getting a little cold out there. Here’s one way to stay active in December - tracking down the FunGoPlay moderators!

If you find them, say hello and ask for your reward. They’ll hook you up with 50 GoDough!

Moderators wear yellow “STAFF” shirts, have blue names and blue chats. Here is a list of names that you are looking for:

Princess Elefunt 1
Ginger Baby 4
Toadstul Krypton 1
Achey Neutron 1
Buffalo Hotsauce 2
Scorpio Scorpius 2
Gnarly Tinkles 1

The Mod Tracking rewards go on Monday through Friday, from 6 to 9pm Eastern time. Happy hunting!

Meet Icecream Hotsauce 1 and learn about what’s coming next on FunGoPlay

Today we meet Icecream Hotsauce 1 - Associate World Designer at FunGoPlay. We’re going to learn about what he does at FGP, and also what we’ll be getting from FunGoPlay for the holidays!

Gnarly Tinkles - Hey Icecream! Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us today. Can you tell us a little more about what you do at FunGoPlay?

Icecream Hotsauce - Sure!  I help out in designing some of the awesome features we have here in the world… from big things like the leaderboard, all the way down to exactly how many GoPoints you should get for each level in every game.  I’m also in charge of the Score Store and GoDough, so I help decide how much things cost and how much you earn from games and quests.  Finally, I spend a lot of time looking into player behavior — the games that kids are having the most fun with, the places where they’re getting bored, that sort of thing.  If it looks like something isn’t working in the world, I help figure out how to fix it!

Gnarly Tinkles - Very cool!! What is your favorite part of the FunGoPlay world?

Icecream Hotsauce - Definitely the games!  I’ve been a big gamer since I was little, so I spend a lot of my time here playing them.  My favorite is Striker Shootout — that’s the 2-player soccer game — but we’ve got a really sweet football game called Gridiron Gladiators coming soon.  That’s going to be my new favorite!

Gnarly Tinkles - We can’t wait for Gridiron Gladiators either. Is there anything planned for the holidays?

Icecream Hotsauce - Yep!  I’ll be rocking a new Santa hat very soon, and if you’ve got a clubhouse you’ll be able to get a Christmas tree or a menorah that lights up when you click it.  They’re going to be full-access, so keep checking the Score Store in December.

Gnarly Tinkles - That’s really awesome. Okay so last question - If you were a sport, what sport would you be and why?

Icecream Hotsauce - I might be hockey!  I love the snow and ice, and it’s cool to have people fighting over you.