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What is FunGoPlay?

FunGoPlay is the world’s first virtual sports theme park for online and mobile platforms that separates itself from all other virtual worlds with its “connected” product line. FGP Sports Gear rewards kids every time they use them in the real world by tracking play periods that earn them points and power-ups in the online world.

Visit NOW to play!

18 Responses »

  1. gladys says:

    i love fun go play (fgp):)

  2. sara davis says:

    i love play game

  3. estefanny says:

    hey this is the best wedsite is just like something u cant play outsude but on interned

  4. michelle says:

    i dont get this it is not letting me sign in

    [Hey Michelle! Still having problems or are you good to go? -Sparky]

  5. Cade says:

    this looks like fun

  6. andi says:

    do u have to have a membership?

  7. kiara says:

    i don’t now about you guys but i just got here and i can’t play games.

    [Hey Kiara! What problems are you having with the games? You should hit us up at [email protected] or on the forums at Hopefully they are working better for you now! -Sparky]

  8. ulysses says:

    best thing ever

  9. devon4040 says:


  10. How do you get to the games.

  11. fungoplay says:

    Hi!! Just go to to create an account and get started on playing the games

  12. brittani carter says:

    Fun go play is an awesome website for any one my sister is 9 and she has one of her own this is an awesome awesome awesome web site i hope you guys have a good time

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