Meet Amanda Fabulett 3, she’s a producer here and is going to fill us in with a little info about herself, the latest updates and what to expect next on FunGoPlay. I sat down with her for a few minutes to answer some questions, check it out!

Gnarly: Okay! First of all - what do you do at FunGoPlay?

Amanda: I am producer of the WORLD! hehe That means I think up fun things to add to the world, work on art and creative, work with developers to make sure it all gets built and then send it out for FunGoPlayers to enjoy. There’s a bunch more fun stuff I get to do and a few boring things, too.

Gnarly: Hehe, awesome! Tell us about the latest updates. What inspired Skagurski Stadium?

Amanda: Well, I was totally psyched when we started to come up with the plan for Skagurski Stadium. I know that some kids noticed there was a stadium on our map that was under construction so we knew we had to make it good. I LOVE college football and the NFL (go Giants!) as do most people around here and we drew from that love. We added tailgating and crazy stuff that you see in parking lots, along with a massive, impressive stadium. Plus, some brand new NPCs to hang with.

Gnarly: Very cool! So what is FunGoPlay working on next?

Amanda: We are full force on Daily Challenges, a brand new feature for our site that is coming out really soon. In a nutshell, every day you come to the site, we’ll challenge you to do ….something… on the site for a reward! Not only can you rack up GoDough and other stuff, we have plans for other special rewards down the road.

Gnarly:  Oh sick I can’t wait for that!!! Last question - how do you feel about PIE!?

Amanda: I have never met a pie I didn’t like. Even ANCHOVY PIZZA PIE!!!!

Well there you have it, folks! Awesome things on the way, and who can argue with pie? Stay tuned next week for another dev update!

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