Founded by dads David Jacobs, Steve Lerner, and Fabian Nicieza, FunGoPlay was formed to fill a particular void they witnessed in their own children's play patterns. These "Founding Fathers" saw a chance to combine their kids' love of online play with more traditional offline play while delivering a safe and affordable entertainment experience that both parents and children will love.

FunGoPlay is the world's first virtual sports theme park for online and mobile platforms that separates itself from all other virtual worlds with its "connected" sports gear. By playing with FGP Sports Gear in the real world, kids can earn medals, points, and power-ups in the online world.

At its core, FunGoPlay is a humorous and light-hearted online sports world that offers kids fun games, funny characters and fully customizable avatars combined with ample rewards and achievements. When children enter the site they are greeted by a vast universe filled with different sports-themed venues and events based on everything from core sports like basketball, baseball, soccer and football to extreme and non-traditional sports such as skateboarding and outdoor games. Games will consist of quick, fun mini-games along with more elaborate single and multiplayer games.

While Lerner, Jacobs and Nicieza may be the visionaries behind the site, FunGoPlay is really the creation of an all-star team of industry leaders who hail from a virtual who's who in the children's entertainment landscape—including Nickelodeon, HIT, Marvel, and many more—along with immeasurable input from the people who really matter—kids ages 6-11.

FunGoPlay's combination of digital entertainment and real world active sports play is the future of online gaming—one that both parents and children can enjoy.

FunGoPlay is headquartered in New York City.